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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Could it be 'us'! ( Part I )

Love had always inspired me,
its richness, its purity
yet its insanity!

From Could it be you! Could it be us!
A journey very deep :)

Dedicated to the free spirit behind us :

Could it be 'us'!

Part I

It started this way...
on that golden day...

A Idea came up
Lets define us
she said, why not! sure
It sounded like a real simple task at first...
So, lets find a example from Nature that defines us

Sun and Sunlight,
oh ya! thats it!
but then i thought
uh! the eclipse!

Sun and the moon
o wow, i thought, it was so simple...
sun gives light to the moon!
she said, idiot moon does nothing,
it only reflects the light it gets, to us!

n then there was sadness, oh! the nature can't describe us!
the dark clouds came by...
eyes fixed in search of the silver lining between those clouds

then the thought came, why give up
lets think more...
she suggested
heart and body
both can't live without each other
but then... i thought
one works for other...

an easy task we had thought!

ahh but wait......
body and soul!
we said, at last!
but then
uh! death separates them
Both said at once, No way!
Not for us!

and the darkness prevailed

ideas came and went
no signs of hope
we were lost...
searching for something
at any cost...
and then

when we had almost given up...
the miracle came up!
one be the Heart, other be the Mind
and the body is 'us'

makes prefect sense we said...
There was a spark on our faces
She said, Mind tells heart how to Beat!
I said, Heart sends blood to the Mind!
There is prefect co-ordination

oh ya! a true miracle...
embraced us at last
and 'us' , the body can't live without both...
and there was a satisfied smile on both our faces

but then, who is the heart and who is the mind, i thought,
and as if she was ready for the question..
she fired back, u decide that
i surrendered, o okay, right!
Then in the end, we said, lets keep interchanging,
sometimes you be the heart and sometimes I be the mind
and sometimes I be the heart, you be the mind...

To be continued... Part II


  • At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Nupur said…

    I think the use of heart and mind are interesting because it's very true. Heart is feminine energy, mind is directed masculine energy and we are all made of both.

    speaks of search, finding, loosing, confusion.... hopefully peace and happiness will follow. hoping...

    loved it
    keep writting more

  • At 7:41 PM, Anonymous RahulDravid a.k.a Nish said…

    great one , enojyed reading.. keep writing more

  • At 1:05 AM, Blogger satan triumphs said…

    njoyable!..u emote well


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